Ropley Neighbourhood Plan

Ropley Neighbourhood Plan

UPDATE as of September 20th 2019.

Ropley’s Neighbourhood Plan passed its final test at the Full Council meeting of the EHDC on 19th September and is now ‘made’ and therefore part of planning policy for the district.

The community-made neighbourhood plan which will be taken into account when planning applications are being considered has been approved for Ropley.

The Ropley Neighbourhood Plan 2011-2028, drawn up by residents of the village, has been adopted by East Hampshire District Council.

It will now become part of the statutory development plan for the area and will be taken into account when planning decisions are made.

The plan was driven by a small group of residents and endorsed by the parish council and included consultation with the wider population.

A referendum was held in the area to gauge public support. In total 87 per cent of voters agreed that the plan should be used. The turn-out was 25 per cent.

Thank you all for your support during the Neighbourhood Plan development.

For full details of Ropley N P, approved on 19th September go to website

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