Local planning-updates

Outstanding applications as at

19th October  2020

To view more details on any of the planning applications shown below, log in   https://planningpublicaccess.easthants.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple  and enter the appropriate  reference number in the search. 

39957/001 – Site of, Town Close and Dunsells Close, Ropley – Installation of a raw sewage pumping station and sewage treatment plant.         
21246/019 – Westwood, Parkstone Road, Ropley – Construction of replacement self-build dwelling
58916 – Woodview, Stapley Lane, Ropley, Alresford, SO24 0EL – Replace existing central heating oil tank with new tank and relocate to front of property surrounded by 1.8m high close boarded fence .
39720/13 – Old Down House, Swelling Hill, Ropley, Alresford, SO24 0DA – Replacement dwelling with associated garden and parking following the demolition of the existing dwelling and outbuildings.
58917 –  Land East of Homeview, Petersfield Road, Ropley – Outline with some matters reserved – four detached self-build dwellings with vehicular access to plots 1-3 from Petersfield Road and plot 4 from Home Farm drive       
58940 – Beech Lee, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Two storey rear extension, single storey flat roof extension, increase height of existing flat roof   
31260/002 and /003 – Land adjacent to Highcliff,  Dunsells Lane, Ropley – Lawful Development Certificate for proposed development – construction of extension to sides 
31260/004 –
Land adjacent to Highcliff,  Dunsells Lane, Ropley – Prior Notification for single storey development extending 8 metres beyond the rear wall
23971/018 – Beaulieu, Stapley Lane, Ropley – 4xCopper Beech (G1) – Reduce crown height by 1.5m
22137/004 and /005 – Rosemount, Park Lane, Ropley – Prior notification for single storey development extending 8 metres beyond the rear wall 

24421/019 – The Annexe, Monkwood House, Petersfield Road, Ropley – Porch to front
58567/001 – The Ridings, Petersfield Road, Monkwood – Single Storey porch to front with a new external door
24421/015 – Monkwood House, Petersfield Road, Monkwood – Variation of Condition 7 of permission 24421/017 to allow the substitution of plans
57217/001 – Detached Dwelling, including access, parking and amenity space, following the demolition of the existing structure
34296/003 – Little Fielden, Gascoigne Lane, Ropley – Conversion of loft to habitable accommodation with dormer windows and Velux roof lights.

RECENT APPLICATIONS – GRANTED / REFUSED or WITHDRAWN/ APPEALED.                                                                                         

22137/004 – Rosemount, Park Lane, Ropley – Lawful development certificate proposed – single storey rear & side extension – PERMISSION
39325/004 – Beech Hurst, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – T1 Beech Tree – Crown thin by 20%, Crown reduction from height of 10 metres to 9 metres   PERMISSION         
33926/013 -The Old Post House, Church Street, Ropley, Alresford, SO24 0DR – T1-Ash-Fell. T2 Ash-Fell. T4 Cyprus-Fell – PERMISSION           

Enhance & protect Ropley, Monkwood and West Tisted