Local planning-updates

Outstanding applications as at

27th May  2020

To view more details on any of the planning applications shown below, log in   https://planningpublicaccess.easthants.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple  and enter the appropriate  reference number in the search. 
56124 – Land East of Bighton Hill, Ropley. –  Request for Screening Opinion – Solar Farm.
38804/013 – Ross Farm, Park Lane, Ropley – Detached single storey dwelling for use by a agricultural worker.
38804/014 – Ross Farm, Park Lane, Ropley – Detached open fronted livestock and storage barn.
27417/003 – Hammond Cottage, Hammonds Lane, Ropley – Two storey extension to side and replacement conservatory following demolition of outbuilding (as amended by plans and statement submitted 28 April 2020).
33743/001 – Glendower, Petersfield Road, Monkwood – Detached annexe building ancillary to main dwelling at rear.                     20405/6 – Dene Cottages, Winchester Road, Ropley – Detached 2 storey dwelling.
26771/039 – Malthouse Barn, Swelling Hill, Ropley – swimming pool with associated landscaping.                                                                            57131 – Smugglers Cottage, Smugglers Lane, Monkwood,- Conversion of two redundant agricultural buildings to 2 dwellings.   39957/001 – Site of, Town Close and Dunsells Close, Ropley – Installation of a raw sewage pumping station and sewage treatment plant.                                                                                                                     

RECENT APPLICATIONS – GRANTED / REFUSED or WITHDRAWN/ APPEALED.                                                                                         

24470/008 – Little Glebe, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Single storey extension to rear.PERMISSION
27657/008 – White Lodge, Hill Farm Road, Monkwood -Lawful development certificate proposed LAWFULNESS CERTIF – PROPOSED – PERMITTED.
                                                                                      53941 – Lime Tree Cottage, Winchester Road, Ropley – Single-storey rear extension. PERMISSION                                                                         28969/018 – Fairview Farm, Stapley Lane, Ropley – Single storey extension to rear, detached car port/haybarn to side, extension to existing stable block following demolition of 2 existing stables, open sided walkway between dwelling and stable, provision of pitched mansard roof to replace current flat roof to rear facing dormer and alterations to existing yard wall with installation of new gates. PERMISSION

20476/004– Chalkwood, Stapley Lane, Ropley -Single storey detached steel clad outbuilding.58265PERMISSION

58265 -Penlan, Gilbert Street, Ropley – New dormer to rear and re cladding of existing dwelling, replacement garage, carport & home office following demolition of existing garage. PERMISSION

35076/010 – Bede House, Bighton Hill, Ropley – Ancillary outbuilding for domestic use to store owner’s cars and machinery REFUSAL                            


Enhance & protect Ropley, Monkwood and West Tisted