Local planning-updates

Outstanding applications as at

8th July 2024

To view more details on any of the planning applications shown below, log in   https://planningpublicaccess.easthants.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple  and enter the appropriate  reference number in the search. 

 52607/001 – 1 Chequers Hook Cottages, Gascoigne Lane – Detached house and a replacement double garage following the demolition of existing garage
23929/007 – Andross Manor, Andrews Lane – Replacement dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling with associated garages.
55041/001 – Aurea Norma, The Dene – Demolition of existing residential dwelling, and erection of five dwelling houses, with associated access, landscaping and parking
25218/007 – Meadow Barn, Petersfield Road, Monkwood – Conversion of barn to single residential dwelling, part demolition & rebuild of barn to residential annexe & associated internal and external work
60189 – Land North of Dean Cottage, Bighton Hill – Outline application with all matters reserved except for access, for up to 28 dwellings

58917/001 – Land East of Homeview, Petersfield Road – Outline application some matters reserved for the residential development (Class C3) of 4self-build and 4 market dwellings
60297 – Land to the NW of The Pines, Bighton Hill – 1 detached dwelling with all matters reserved
59590/003 – 4 Dene Close – Variation of condition to increase footprint and accommodate a first floor with 3 dormers.
59590/003 – 4 Dene Close – Section 73 application for variation of condition 11 of permission 59590/002 (approved plan)
25218/009 – Maybank Farm, Monkwood – Demolition of dwelling and garage and reconstruction of new dwelling and garage
21921/027 – Town Street Farmhouse, Church Street – Single storey extension, new garage and alterations to listed farmhouse
21921/028 – Town Street Farmhouse, Church Street – Listed building consent of 21921/027
27143/023 – The Old Parsonage, Church Street – T1 Cedar – reduce canopy height and spread by 1-3 m and prune away from cables.
60396 – Wytchelms, Vicarage Lane – Enclosure of existing porch, single storey rear extension and first floor front and side extensions.
60399 – Land at Fairlie Wood, Brewers Grove Lane – Application to determine if prior approval is required for a new building for Forestry Use.
31260/013 – Highcliff, Dunsells Lane – Lawful development certificate for an existing development – commencement of development as permitted under consent 31260/006
25218/010 – Maybank Farm, Petersfield Road, Monkwood – Agricultural Barn
56315/005 – Avalon House, Winchester Road – Demolition of bungalow and construction of two storey dwelling and garage


34557/006 – Dragonfly Cottage, Church Street – Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatoryPERMISSION
25454/010 – Hall Place Cottage, Petersfield Road – Section 73 application to vary condition 7 (approved plans) of permission 25454/008PERMISSION

To view more details on any of the planning applications shown below, log in to https://planningpublicaccess.southdowns.gov.uk/online-applications/


SDNP/24/01126/HOUS – Old Brewers, Brewers Lane, West Tisted – Change of use of small area of grazing land to a solar energy collection area, comprising 40 no. ground mounted solar PV panels


Enhance & protect Ropley, Monkwood and West Tisted