Local Planning Applications


Outstanding applications as at

11th November 2019

To view more details on any of the planning applications shown below, log in   https://planningpublicaccess.easthants.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple   and enter the appropriate       reference number in the search. 

57131 – Smugglers Cottage, Smugglers Lane, Monkwood,- Conversion of two redundant agricultural buildings to 2 dwellings.     

58390 – Bramleydene, Darvill Road, Ropley – Replace flat roof with a new pitched roof.                 

51992/013 –  The Ramblers, Bighton Hill, Ropley – Lawful development certificate proposed – use of land as residential.                

25464/016 – Dene Self Service, The Dene, Ropley – Display of illuminated fascia sign, 2 x hanging signs and replacement V power signage panel with Jamie Oliver panel.                                                                  

55567/017 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – Variation of Condition 17 of 55567/011 to allow substitution of approved plans 18-RPL4-01, 18-RPL4-02, 18-RPL4-03 and 18-RPL4-04 with 18-RPL4-01 revision A, 18-RPL4-02 revision A, 18-RPL4-03 revision A and 18-RPL4-04 revision A in relation to plot 4.                   

39957/001 – Site of, Town Close and Dunsells Close, Ropley – Installation of a raw sewage pumping station and sewage treatment plant.    

58118 – The Terrace, South Street, Ropley – Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and loft conversion following demolition of attached garage.        

30024/011 – Chequers Inn, Winchester Road, Ropley – Redevelopment of site to provide nine dwellings ( supplementary drainage information received 4 April and 24 May 2019].   

PREVIOUS APPLICATIONS – GRANTED / REFUSED or WITHDRAWN/ APPEALED.                                                                                         

21594/024 – Searle & Taylor House, The Dene, Ropley – New timber cladding, cor-ten steel cladding, replacement windows, replacement fire escape, installation of cycle shelter to courtyard together with hard and soft landscaping.- PERMISSION  

38373/013  – Harcombe House, Park Lane, Ropley – Two bay garage – (amended design) – PERMISSION

35076/009 – Bede House, Bighton Hill, Ropley – Ancillary outbuilding for domestic use to store cars / machinery – REFUSAL

SDNP/19/03471/CND – Removal of condition 7 of SDNP/17/05306/FUL – removal of holiday/tourist restriction | Knighton West Tisted Road West Tisted Alresford Hampshire SO24 0HJ. This is a re-submission of an application, refused in March, to convert the Black Barn (close to the church) into permanent accommodation. APPROVED  

55567/016 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – Variation of condition 18 of 55567/005 to allow substitution of the following plans 18-RPL3-01A to 18-RPL3-01 rev.D, 18-RPL3-02 to 18-RPL3-02 rev.C, 18-RPL3-03 to 18-RPL3-03 rev.B, 18-RPL3-04A to 18-RPL3-04 rev.C and18-RPL3-06A to 18-RPL3-06 rev.C, to show new garden store on the back of garage PERMISSION.                                           
– Clear View, Soames Lane, Ropley – Replacement dwelling .- PERMISSION

25464/015 – Dene Self Service, The Dene, Ropley – Variation of condition 11 of 25464/014 to allow substitution of plans PLG3-18, PLG4-18, PLG5-18 and PLG6-18 with PLG3-19A, PLG4-19A, PLG5-19 and PLG6-19 showing reduction in size of proposed building, relocation of two parking spaces and slight elevational changes to the front of the sales building. – PERMISSION

27083/008 Bounty House, Gilbert Street, Ropley – Single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory.             CONSENT

27083/009 – Bounty House, Gilbert Street, Ropley –  Listed Building consent – single storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory with associated internal alterations including a second floor WC and connection to existing soil vent pipe –                   PERMISSION

56625/002 – Farm Building, Winchester Road, Ropley – Agricultural Prior Notification – Detached building for the storage of farm machinery and other farm supplies PRIOR APPROVAL NOT       REQUIRED.  




Enhance & protect Ropley, Monkwood and West Tisted