Ropley History Network and archive

The Ropley History Network and Archive was set up in 2019 at the request of a number of interested Ropley residents, as a sub group of the Ropley Society.

It’s aim is to create a group for people who have an interest in the history of the village and the local area.

The purpose of the group will be to research and archive information and or material covering the history of Ropley and the local area and to make this accessible via a shared digital platform.

It is anticipated that involvement and contributions will be on an informal and voluntary basis with individuals from the group meeting occasionally to share and discuss areas of interests and projects of their own and perhaps link up with other individuals that may have a shared interest in a subject of study.

Initial thinking is that, as part of the work of the group an online archive and catalogue will be created, (though this will be funding dependent) in order to digitise and store at least some of the existing informal village archive.

Update May 2020

The Steering Group is completing the work required to submit a Heritage Lottery Grant application seeking funding to develop an online digital archive and website.  However,  submission of the application will now be delayed as the Lottery Heritage Fund is now not taking any new applications until at least October. The funding, at the moment, is going towards supporting existing projects who are being affected by the COVID19 .  

Write up of Samuel Maddock and Ropley vicarage in 19th century


The attached document summarises the research Catherine Mitchell has undertaken into Rev Samuel Maddock and Ropley Vicarage during this period. Samuel Maddock was the vicar of Ropley for over 50 years until his death in 1871 at the age of 88. I am sure you will find the attached document most interesting. In particular please note the invitation to contribute to the research.

Update on other projects –

  • Ropley Gravestones: Investigating and documenting the over 1,000 graves both marked and unmarked in the graveyard at St Peters church at Ropley.
  • Railway and Canal: Investigating and documenting the history of the development of the railway at Ropley and investigation into the possible site of a canal and its excavations which may have been developed to support the building of the railway. The A31 and the houses on the Dene Cottage side of the road may have been built on what was canal land.  The 1960’s road realignment between Gasgoine Lane and Berry Hill appears to have filled in and covered up what may have been the site of canal excavations and lost the site of another cottage and well. The project will investigate whether this is  why the local pub was called the Anchor?
  • Stapley Lane and Parkstone Road: Investigation of the William Carter Homestead development and the new developments in Parkstone Road.
  • History of the medieval centre of the village : concentrating initially on Pond Cottage (traced back to 1620’s) the three adjoining cottages at the top of Church Street near the pond (Bell Cottage, Five Bells and 3 Sunnyside). To be followed by investigation of Church Cottages. 
  • Monkwood: Investigation of its farming heritage and development as an Agricultural Settlement post WWI.
  • Farming Heritage: Investigation of the evolution of farms and farming in the parish and the surrounding area. Investigation of the 1890’s OS maps of the parish has identified that there were 17 different farms in Ropley at that time.
  • Digitising the existing archive.

If you would like to get involved in any of the projects above, please send us your details to and we will put you in touch with the project(s).

Many thanks again for all your support

The Ropley History Network and Archive Steering Group 


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