Planning Updates for Ropley & West Tisted

Outstanding applications as at

16th September 2018

Ref                                        Site

38373/011 – Harcombe House, Park Lane, Ropley -Lawful Development Certificate for proposed development – Construction of two single storey extensions.

55567/009 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – Variation of condition 18 of 55567/005 to substitute drawings.

55567/008 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – Detached dwelling (a new house design to replace the approved design under permission 55567/003).

20591/015  – Oaklands Lodge, Petersfield Road, Monkwood – prior approval for a single storey development extending 5.7 metres beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling incorporating an eaves height of 2.55 metres and a maximum height of 4 metres.

RS Hills,  Home Farm, Brick Kiln Lane, West Tisted – Pre-planning advice to convert former dairy into a microbrewery. SDNP advice is sympathetic subject to certain environmental conditions. THIS APPLICATION IS THROUGH SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK.

RS Hills,  Home Farm, Brick Kiln Lane, West Tisted – Pre-planning advice to replace farm buildings with “about 12” – 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom houses, all at market price (non affordable).THIS APPLICATION IS THROUGH SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK.

27977/001 – Ellore, Soames Lane, Ropley – Replacement dwelling with ancillary building and associated landscaping following demolition of existing dwelling.

33926/011 – The Old Post House, Church Street, Ropley – Listed building Consent – Internal and External alterations.

55567/007 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley, – detached dwelling (new design)

55567/006 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – detached dwelling (new  design)

55567/002 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley -Five detached dwellings with associated access (updated ecological assessment received 9 August 2016) (Amended drawing received 7 September 2016- elevations units 1 and 3)

55567/004 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission 55567/003 to stipulate no development above ground level to commence until materials are approved.

31642/010 – New Barn Farm, Park Lane, Ropley – Revised roof line to retained annexe – amendment to 31642/009.

57874 –  Land adjacent  Merryview House, Soames Lane, Ropley -Formation of access and stopping up of two existing accesses with associated landscaping.

56109/002 -Telecommunications Mast, Gilbert Street Farm, Gilbert Street, Ropley – Removal of condition 2 of 56109 – as antennas/dish already in situ on existing mast and had simply been transferred.

20209/011 – Ropley Lime Quarry, Soames Lane, Ropley. Outline planning application for residential development for up to 10 dwellings and associated works etc. EHDC Planning committee is meeting to discuss this application on Thursday, 4th October 6.00 pm at Penns Place.



24003/027 – Home Farm, Petersfield Road, Ropley – New B1(a), B1(c) commercial building. REFUSED.                                                                           20717/006 – Beech House, Soames Lane, Ropley – single-storey extension to rear, single-storey garage extension to front. – PERMISSION
39102 – Victorina, 10 Parkstone Road, Ropley – Single storey rear extension. WITHDRAWN                                                                                              57847 – Ropley Parish Hall, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Single storey extension with pitched roof to rear following demolition of existing single storey extension. PERMISSION.
57131/002 – Smugglers Cottage, Smugglers Lane, Monkwood – Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to two Dwelling houses (Class C3) and for Associated Operational Development.- PRIOR PLANNING PERMISSION REQUIRED & PERMITTED
26023/015 – Recreation Ground, Vicarage Lane, Ropley. – Safety netting along boundary of recreation ground (additional information
received on 24/05/2018). PERMISSI0N.
26023/016 – Recreation Ground, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Installation of an electronic cricket scoreboard. PERMISSION.



For information on Ropley Neighbourhood Plan please go to our Neighbourhood Plan page on this website .


Enhance & protect Ropley, Monkwood and West Tisted