Planning Updates for Ropley Parish

 Outstanding applications as at 22nd January 2018

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                                                   Outstanding applications
21807/014 -Pembury Farm Cottage, Parkstone Road, Ropley –  Raise the ridge, replacement single storey rear extension – replacement garage following demolition of existing garage
20717/004 – Beech House, Soames Lane, Ropley – Prior notification for single storey development extending 5.3 metres.
57617 – Lyeway Cottage, Lyeway Lane, Ropley  – Car port with office above
57140/001– Little Barn, 7 Colebrook Field, Ropley – Single storey
side extension
20209/011 – Ropley Lime Quarry, Soames Lane, Ropley. Outline planning application for residential development for up to 10 dwellings and associated works etc.
31642/009 Retention of re-modeled original dwelling as accommodation ancillary to the main dwelling  – New Park Farm (formerly Grasscroft), Park Lane, Ropley
53523/009 – Land to west of Highgate House, Lyeway Lane, Ropley, -Retention of gypsy and traveller site for one pitch in addition to its lawful use as a timber yard with paddock.
29404/003 – Ashley Cottage, Vicarage Lane, Ropley
Two storey side extension and a single storey rear extension.
 Previous applications GRANTED / REFUSED
56323 Two storey and single storey extensions to rear –
The Beeches, Gascoigne Lane, Ropley  PERMISSION

38785/001 – Application for new agricultural storage building on land east of Park Lane, Ropley, PERMISSION                                                    21074/015  Conversion of garage to habitable accommodation, adding two windows and an internal door. 19 Rowdell Cottages, Gascoigne Lane, Ropley   PERMISSION

55263   Lawful Development Certificate Existing – B2 use of the land and building for servicing and repairs of vehicles . Station Garage, Station Road, Ropley  PERMITTED                                                                  

27255/016  Listed building – defective parapet roof & bay window flat roof to be rebuild in a traditional style –  Hall Place, Petersfield Road, Ropley,  CONSENT.                                                                                               

30024/008 Nine two storey dwellings with associated access and parking following demolition of existing public house | Chequers Inn, Winchester Road, Ropley  REFUSAL

EHDC Weblink: To find out more details of any of the above applications go to the web link below and enter the appropriate ref number.

Planning Policy update from EHDC (summarised)

The East Hampshire District Local Plan: Joint Core Strategy (JCS) is the overarching planning policy document for the District. It sets out the strategy for the future development of the District over the period to 2028 and was prepared and examined as complying with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework. The JCS identifies the overall spatial vision and economic, social and environmental objectives for the District and the amount, type and broad location of development needed to fulfil those objectives. The spatial strategy specifically for housing is set out in Policy CP10 of the JCS and requires allocations to be made to meet the following levels of housing in East Hampshire District (outside the National Park):

  • a minimum of 700 dwellings at Alton and Horndean; a minimum of 200 dwellings at Clanfield; a minimum of 175 dwellings at both Liphook and Four Marks/South Medstead; a minimum of 150 dwellings at Rowlands Castle;
  • a minimum of 150 dwellings at other villages outside the National Park. (Ropley’s allocation is not stated but indications are, using numbers shown on EHDC approved SHLAA sites, to be a minimum of 42 dwellings by 2028. That includes the 41 homes already built or with Outline Planning Permission granted at Bighton Hill, Dunsells Lane, Hale Close and Park Lane.)


The role of Neighbourhood Planning in developing the Draft Site Allocations Plan.

Neighbourhood planning is a new element of the planning. A fundamental principle of neighbourhood planning is that it is community-led, with the community establishing local planning policies for development and use of land within its neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Development Plans enable local people to play a leading role in responding to the needs and priorities of the local community. The parishes of Alton, Bentley, Medstead, Liphook and Four Marks are currently preparing Neighbourhood Plans either individually or jointly. EHDC is working with the Neighbourhood Plan groups to integrate their emerging proposals into the Draft Site Allocations Plan.

To find out how you can get involved in Ropley’s future please go to our Neighbourhood Plan page on this website for more information.

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