Planning Updates for Ropley & West Tisted

Outstanding applications as at 3rd July 2018

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Outstanding applications  through EHDC –
57131/002 – Smugglers Cottage, Smugglers Lane, Monkwood – Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to two Dwelling houses (Class C3) and for Associated Operational Development. 
39102/001 – Victorina, 10 Parkstone Road, Ropley – single storey rear extension.
56109/002 – Telecommunications Mast, Gilbert Street Farm, Gilbert Street, Ropley – Removal of condition 2 of 56109 – as antennas/dish already in situ on existing mast and had simply been transferred.
57847 – Ropley Parish Hall, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Single storey extension with pitched roof to rear following demolition of existing single storey extension 
55567/002 – Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley -Five detached dwellings with associated access (updated ecological assessment received 9 August 2016) (Amended drawing received 7 September 2016- elevations units 1 and 3)
26023/016 – Recreation Ground, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Installation of an electronic cricket scoreboard
34120/003 – Hilden, Swelling Hill, Ropley – Construction of double garage.
34530/002 – Carrick Cottage, Petersfield Road, Ropley – Single storey side extension following demolition of existing timber frame structure
55567/004 Land West of Oak Leigh, Park Lane, Ropley – Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission 55567/003 to stipulate no development above ground level to commence until materials are approved
35076/006 – Bede House, Bighton Hill, Ropley. Raising level of existixng link roof between house and garage to form first floor extension to provide en suite. (Variation to that approved under 35076/005).
 20209/011 – Ropley Lime Quarry, Soames Lane, Ropley. Outline planning application for residential development for up to 10 dwellings and associated works etc


24717 – 1 Dunsells Close, Dunsells Lane, Ropley – Conversion of garage to habitable accommodation, single storey extension to side and first floor extension to side, detached garage and oil tank to relocated. PERMISSION
33604/002 – Westfield House, Andrews Lane, Ropley. – Lawful development certificate existing – to legally establish original floor area of domestic dwelling and garage. PERMISSION
39720/012  -Old Down House, Swelling Hill, Ropley – Lawful Development Certificate existing – to confirm that work constitutes a start on site for planning permission 39720/008  . LAWFULNESS CERTIF – EXISTING – PERMITTED
35378/002 – Village Hall, Vicarage Lane, Ropley – Variation of condition 3 to allow substitution of plans. PERMISSION
57131/001 – Smugglers Cottage, Smugglers Lane, Monkwood. – Prior approval for a change of use of 2 agricultural buildings to 2 dwelling houses. WITHDRAWN
51184/002 – Land South East of Westfield House, Andrews Lane, Ropley – Agricultural storage barn. PERMISSION
35076/007 – Bede House, Bighton Hill, Ropley. Lawful development certificate proposed – single storey outbuilding comprising garages, workshop and machinery storage  WITHDRAWN
57140/002 – Little Barn, 7 Colebrook Field, Ropley . Single storey side extension. PERMISSION

For information on Ropley Neighbourhood Plan please go to our Neighbourhood Plan page on this website .

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