Welcome to The Ropley Society Website

Here to provide a forum for those who are concerned with preserving, enjoying and protecting the environment and character of Ropley , including Monkwood and West Tisted.


The Ropley Society was set up in 1985 and in its early years fought the planned construction of the largest grain silos in Europe on the west of the village, in Monkwood. The remit since that time has extended to encompass a wider vision as demonstrated by our aims.


  • Enhance a community spirit by working with other organisations who share a common cause.
  • Raise awareness of local history, activities and issues.
  • Support actions which protect and enhance the local environment and rural amenities.
  • Comment on planning applications, highway proposals and becoming involved in major issues of concern to the community.
  • Communicate public information to members.

 2016 Update to the Society’s Constitution

The society’s updated constitution was agreed at the 2016 AGM which was held on Wednesday 16th March.

To review the updated Constitution please click the link below.

The Ropley Society amended Constitution 2016

Enhance & protect Ropley, Monkwood and West Tisted